We offer several faith and work training and development experiences throughout the year:

Master’s Journey

Get deep faith & work training and development in a holistic, transformational experience

Semester-long engagement — each month:
● One in-person workshop on Saturdays
● One virtual small group session
● One 1:1 coaching session (optional)

Two retreats — getaways to enjoy content, community, and connection with God

Weekly on your own — spiritual practices and self-study

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Fall 2023

Small Group Curriculum

Learn the gospel of work in a short six-week small group study

Six one-hour sessions 
● Training, guide, and on-demand coaching for facilitators
● Videos & workbooks for participants
● $49/per participant (group discounts and scholarships available); licenses are available for purchase by approved organizations and churches

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Discover foundational principles in a condensed timeframe

One weekend — Friday evening, all-day Saturday, and Sunday morning
● In-person with overnight option
● Ideal for existing teams or church groups to experience together
● Follow-up group sessions and 1:1 coaching are available after the weekend

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All experiences include:

Intensive, In-depth Content

●  Videos and/or live teaching by Denise Lee Yohn and others on foundational content in theology, vocation, and faith & work training (see Curriculum).

●  Guest speakers, panels, and interviews.

●  Self-study — Book excerpts, videos, exercises, etc. to complete on your own between sessions.


● Interactive exercises such as self-assessments and role-playing.

Discussion and reflection on how to apply the learnings to your professional and spiritual development.

F&W Focus Project — work through a faith and work issue or project of your choosing (not included in six-week small group curriculum) — see “F&W Focus”.

Small Groups

In groups of 4-6 people led by a trained facilitator:

Discussion on content and application

● Support and accountability as you work through your F&W Focus.

Networking opportunities with your cohort and F&WJ alumni community.

“A lot of people don’t realize how faith and work intersect or how to integrate it and this course will teach you that and equip you with the tools in how to transform your workplace. It will also connect you to other people who have the same desire to learn and integrate faith and work well.”

Faith & Work Focus Project

You will identify a work-related issue or project that you would like to focus on during the Experience. Examples:
●  Discerning what job/career to pursue or if you are in the “right” job/career
●  Becoming a more effective leader and influencer at work
●  Starting up a new business or side hustle
●  Dealing with a difficult co-worker, manager, or work environment
●  Taking on a new role or responsibility at work

The intent is for you to apply the insights developed through your participation in the program in a specific challenge or opportunity at work. You will be asked to clearly articulate your F&W Focus and desired outcome, to identify ways that your cohort can support you, and to take steps/make progress on your Focus and regularly report on your progress.  At the end of your Experience, you will have direction for moving forward in your focus area and be better equipped to take action in other areas of work and faith.

“The program – especially my 1-on-1s, definitely helped me to feel inspired and equipped to steward my vocation well.”

The Faith & Work Journey curriculum is:

Gospel-centered ● Scripture-based ● Work-positive ● Action-oriented ● Community-inspired
Designed to facilitate discipleship and promote spiritual formation

Faith & Work Training and Experience Topics:

The gospel of work: Your work matters to God and God matters to your work

Generally speaking, there are two inappropriate, incorrect views of work – both are based on secular views of work. Either work is unimportant – work doesn’t matter to God, especially “non-ministry” work; or work is all important, and work actually becomes an idol, our “god.” To adopt the appropriate perspective on work, we will consult the Bible and learn the truths about work relative to the overarching Biblical narrative — creation, fall, redemption, and renewal. The good news about work — that your work matters to God and God matters to your work — is the foundation of your faith and work training.

The instrumental and inherent value of work

We all know that our work is more than just a way to make money and provide for our and our family’s needs. At work, we can be a light to others and share our faith. But work has even more value than that. It provides opportunities to meet the needs of this world, lay the foundation for the next, and participate in God’s ongoing renewing work — as well as to honor God, experience communion with Him, and grow in our understanding of our true identity. We will explore the instrumental and inherent value of work.


Is it OK to be ambitious and achievement oriented? To be competitive and want to win? To have goals and push ourselves and others to achieve them? We’ll take a look at what God has to say about these questions in the Bible — and we’ll discuss the tensions we experience between confidence and humility, achievement and contentment, being called and being driven, etc. We will learn how to cultivate a God-honoring perspective on doing our work with excellence, confidence, and aspiration.

Six expressions of faith and work integration

The Bible teaches us to integrate our faith and work in six expressions – six roles to play/hats to wear and ways of living out the Gospel in our work life: Provider, Missionary, Artist, Community Servant, Image Bearer, and Renewer. As we study each, we will learn the fullness of the riches and blessings that work can produce in our lives, our work, and our world. This is the key differentiator of our faith and work training.

Calling and purpose

God calls each of us to specific vocations, including specific work assignments that we are uniquely designed for. But contrary to what we might have previously heard or believed, our calling is not so much found as it is formed. So we will learn how to discern the callings God is cultivating in us by looking outside at the world and inside at ourselves. As we develop individual Purpose At Work statements. we will consider what God is calling each of us to at this moment in time and learn how to use our statements to focus and guide how we think about and do our work.

Rest and Sabbath

We will consider how God’s design of rest and His commandment to honor the Sabbath actually equips and frees us to work. We will learn how sabbathing and physical rest facilitate the “rest beneath the rest” that we so desperately need as we consider how the gospel is the source of ultimate rest.


The commitment to participate in a F&W Journey Experience is significant.  Participants are required to:

  • Attend all sessions: We understand that emergencies may arise, but before accepting the program invitation, we ask that you commit to participating in all sessions.  

  • Complete all self-study:  In between sessions, there will be content to read/watch/listen to and exercises/worksheets to complete — an average of approximately 30 minutes per week. 

  • Work on a F&W Focus project: Throughout the program, you will work on a F&W Focus of your choosing — and during several of the sessions, you will be asked to provide an update on it. The time required for this primarily depends upon how much growth and progress you want to achieve in your F&W Focus and how integrated the Focus is in your normal work activities — but generally speaking, it will involve probably an hour or two per month.

  • Consider future participation: No commitment is required at this time, but we ask that all participants volunteer with or support F&WJ in the future.  We are a non-profit start-up — your continued participation will help us scale and increase our impact

What Participants Say

I learned that my definition of work and my views on work were very dysfunctional and were not rooted in a true Scriptural basis. The idea that you can worship the Lord through work never crossed my mind. The program changed my views on how to find work in general and it helped me create a mission statement that prevents me from turning work into an idol…and will always be a good challenge and North Star for me.

Dave J.                         
Business Strategy and Operations

This program reminded me that work is all about God, His people, and His Kingdom…Every aspect of work can be spoken to and drawn from God’s values and character, from how we relate to people to how we define success on a project. It has challenged my own faith in a multi-faceted way. I can see how God is using work as an agent to grow me into someone more like Him.

Valerie K.                        
Customer Success

Download a one-page overview here.

“The theological material and structure has helped me engage intellectually and equip me to equip others around faith + work…This relates to any marketplace leader/professional that wants greater understanding and bring their faith into their workplace.”


Applications for the Spring 2023 Program will open in late 2022. Please join the interest list to be notified about future programs and events on how to integrate your faith and work.

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Faith & Work Journey is about faith and work integration. We offer spiritual formation and professional development experiences that help Christian professionals cultivate a vital integration of their faith and work. We are a faith-based non-profit Christian ministry. We offer opportunities to learn how to integrate faith & work, what is the relationship between God & work, how to work as a Christian even if you don't work in a Christian workplace, what is the biblical view on employment, what are biblical principles for career success, how to make Christian career decisions, how to approach evangelism in the workplace in a way that honors God and respects your co-workers, and more. Inspired by Redeemer Church's Center for Faith and Work, Gotham Fellowship, Faith Driven Entrepreneur, Faith and Work Movement, and other organizations including faith-based employee resource groups, Faith & Work Journey is designed to equip and empower Christ-following businesspeople to steward faithfully their professional vocations.