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How to Navigate Ethical Decisions at Work

Founder/Director Denise Lee Yohn joined the Faith Inspired Podcast to talk with host Erica Dvorak about God’s vision for faith and work integration. At one point, Erica asks Denise what to do when faced with an ethical dilemma at work. Listen to her response here and check out the full interview on the Faith Inspired podcast website.

One of the Primary Ways God Wants to Form Us

Founder/Director Denise Lee Yohn joined the Follower of One podcast with host Mike Henry Sr and talks about how our work is one of the primary ways God wants to form us. Listen to her response here and check out the full interview on the Follower of One podcast.

What Does the Cross Have to Do with Work?

Quicksilver Church asked Founder/Director of Faith & Work Journey Denise Lee Yohn to share about faith & work. She discusses how Jesus’s death and resurrection addresses three of the most common questions she hears about work – WHY we should work, HOW we should do our work, and WHAT work we should do.

My Faith & Work Journey

Denise Lee Yohn was interviewed on the (re)integrate podcast.  The wide-ranging conversation included:
·  pivotal moments in her faith & work integration journey
·  why marketing – and any field of work – should not be disparaged
·  how “meek” ≠ weak – ambition is a good thing (especially for women)
·  why neither the Great Resignation or “quiet quitting” are God-honoring
·  what Sabbath rest is really all about

Post-Pandemic Marketplace Ministry

The pandemic and shutdowns drastically changed where, when, and how we work. We now have a chance to rethink work and how we approach it as followers of Christ. Denise Lee Yohn asked to participate in a webinar by Transforming the Bay with Christ (TBC) to discuss the faith & work challenges and opportunities in this moment. 

From Juggling to Stewardship

Denise Lee Yohn, keynote speaker and Faith & Work Journey Founder/Director shares why we shouldn’t try to achieve work-life balance, what the solar system teaches us about our faith and work, and how we can unleash God’s power in our lives in this short excerpt from her talk at the Denver Institute for Faith & Work’s Women, Work, & Calling conference.

Faith & Work Interview

Denise Lee Yohn is interviewed on Moody Radio’s Dawn & Steve In the Mornings show. They talk about sharing your faith with coworkers in an authentic, meaningful, and relationship-building way.

How Does Work Matter to God

Denise Lee Yohn joins Dr. David Gill, author of Workplace Discipleship 101, and Andrew Hoffman lead pastor at Solano Community Church to discuss practical ways that churches can engage your marketplace leaders.

An Evening With Andy Crouch

Author, speaker, and Praxis partner Andy Crouch joined Faith & Work Journey Director Denise Lee Yohn for an interview about his new book The Life We’re Looking For: Reclaiming Relationship in a Technological World. They discussed how Christians should navigate the current challenges of technological change, disrupted relationships, and broken communities that characterize the dominant cultural landscape today. Here is an excerpt from their discussion.

Maximizing Mentorship

Why should you have a mentor? How do you get the most out of mentoring? How can mentoring help you integrate your personal faith and professional work? What does it take to be an effective mentor?

Learn about these topics and more from a panel of executives.

WP313 Interview with Denise Lee Yohn

Denise Lee Yohn calls it Faith and Work Integration. The labels vary, but the central question is always “How does our Christian faith relate to our work lives?” Is the answer the same for all workers—or is it different depending on our job specialty? How are forces like globalization, advancing technology, and threatening pandemics changing the faith and work journey? How can we and our Christian friends best be prepared to make the most of our faith and work journey?

Ambitious AND Christian?!

Is it OK to be ambitious?  Should we have big goals at work and work hard to achieve them?  And what about being competitive?  Is it a sin to want to be the best and to win?  Denise Lee Yohn shared answers to these questions at the Polished Network’s BOLDLY 2021 Conference.  She looks at at what the Bible says about being courageous and bold in our work and shares the most important change we can make to orient our ambitions properly. 

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Faith & Work Journey is about faith and work integration. We offer spiritual formation and professional development experiences that help Christian professionals cultivate a vital integration of their faith and work. We are a faith-based non-profit Christian ministry. We offer opportunities to learn how to integrate faith & work, what is the relationship between God & work, how to work as a Christian even if you don't work in a Christian workplace, what is the biblical view on employment, what are biblical principles for career success, how to make Christian career decisions, how to approach evangelism in the workplace in a way that honors God and respects your co-workers, and more. Inspired by Redeemer Church's Center for Faith and Work, Gotham Fellowship, Faith Driven Entrepreneur, Faith and Work Movement, and other organizations including faith-based employee resource groups, Faith & Work Journey is designed to equip and empower Christ-following businesspeople to steward faithfully their professional vocations.