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A note from Faith & Work Journey Founder & Director Denise Lee Yohn:

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After I moved to San Francisco in 2016, I started to investigate what was going on in the faith & work space here in this region. I discovered vibrant networking groups, budding workplace fellowships (ERGs), large events with compelling speakers, and a few churches with some programming.

Then one day, I was sitting at church and God opened my eyes so I could really see the people around me. I noted all the fresh, eager faces of young professionals — many in strategic positions in the tech and finance industries — who were on fire for God and about the impact they wanted to make through their work. God revealed to me that the next Mark Zuckerberg could be sitting among the folks there!

Given the outsized reach and influence of someone in such a position, I began wondering how awesome it would be if that he/she was a Christ-follower who understood and lived out a gospel-inspired vision of work. I wanted that person — and the hundreds of thousands of other people here who have the potential to bless and change the world — to have content-based, educational-focused developmental experiences that presented God’s full vision for their work and built them up to be used by Him to advance His kingdom.

This is how Faith & Work Journey was born.

Denise Lee Yohn, Founder/Director

Denise Lee Yohn is keynote speaker, consultant, and writer on brand leadership. At the time she started her professional career, Denise also became a Christ-follower — and ever since then, she’s been passionate about the integration of faith and work.

She started up the Marketplace Ministry at Harbor Church in San Diego (modeled after the Center for Faith & Work at Redeemer in NYC) and served as a founding leader of Vision Pathways, an experience to build up young people as they transition from college to career.

She loves helping people discover the gospel (literally, the good news) of work and pursuing her calling to help businesspeople faithfully steward their vocations. She is a popular speaker at Christian organizations and conferences, has contributed to The Gospel Coalition and De Pree Center, and has served as an advisor to the Theology of Work Project.  Denise and her husband, Chris, have lived in San Francisco since 2016.

Denise’s Speaker Introduction

Download Denise’s speaker brochure here.
To book Denise to speak to your organization, contact her at info@faithandworkjourney.com.

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Six Ways to Integrate Faith & Work
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Faith & Work Journey Board of Directors

Jake Chacko

Jake Chacko is in the “retirement” phase of life after a 40+ year executive career in technology with stops in companies like Bell Labs, Cisco, and a startup. Today, Jake focuses on communications at a deeper level. He is involved with several non-profits that promote human flourishing via learning, dialog and reflection with God, self and others. Jake’s most fulfilling role however is riding the Caltrain on Tuesdays with grandson and name sake Jake (J) Carroll. Jake and his wife Sushil are parents of 3 adult daughters.

Deanne Jahde

Deanne Jahde has a 30+ year career in High Tech.  She most recently held a role as senior program manager for the Enterprise Program Management Office and was the founder and leader of an employee resource group for visible and invisible disabilities at Western Digital. She is currently pivoting her career into diversity, equity and inclusion program management.  Deanne lives in San Jose, loves to travel, cook and is an aunt to two awesome teenagers.

Demy Tang

Demy Tang is the Finance Director for Frore Systems, a Silicon Valley & Taiwan based startup that is developing an active cooling chip for CPUs. She loves to work with visionary organizations to help them steward their financial resources to create value. Demy has previously served as youth leader, fundraising consultant and finance manager for various NGOs. She currently lives with her mother, husband and daughter. On the weekend, she enjoys family trips to the library and BBQ dinners.

Chris Yohn

Chris Yohn is Executive Director, Computational Biology at TRex Bio, working on creating new medicines for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. He’s been in the startup biotech world for twenty years in areas ranging from early and late stage drug discovery to biofuels. In his downtime, he enjoys exploring the many hiking trails of the Bay Area with his wife Denise and other friends.

Faith & Work Journey Staff

Amilia Cruz Stehman

Faith & Work Journey Administrator

Amilia is an experienced assistant in the hospitality industry well-versed in optimizing operational processes and elevating guest satisfaction. In addition, she’s an entrepreneur running her own online business as a virtual assistant and copywriter. Originally from Chicago, she now lives in rural Indiana with her husband, two young children, a dog, and two cats. On weekends, she enjoys playing softball, painting with watercolors, attending church, and cherishing valuable moments with her family.


Faith & Work Movement

The Faith & Work Movement exists to positively impact companies that impact the world and to help Christians in the marketplace to bring their best self to work.  http://faithandworkmovement.org

Oak Grove Christian Ministries

Oak Grove Christian Ministries (OGCM) supports Christ-centered organizations and related Christian activities based in the San Francisco Bay Area that constitute non-profit activities.  http://ogcm.org

Generosity Bay Area

Generosity Bay Area aspires to create a culture of radical giving in the Bay Area — catalyzing a faithful community
to joyfully imitate the generosity of Christ. http://www.generositybayarea.org/

Faith & Work Journey is about faith and work integration. We offer spiritual formation and professional development experiences that help Christian professionals cultivate a vital integration of their faith and work. We are a faith-based non-profit Christian ministry. We offer opportunities to learn how to integrate faith & work, what is the relationship between God & work, how to work as a Christian even if you don't work in a Christian workplace, what is the biblical view on employment, what are biblical principles for career success, how to make Christian career decisions, how to approach evangelism in the workplace in a way that honors God and respects your co-workers, and more. Inspired by Redeemer Church's Center for Faith and Work, Gotham Fellowship, Faith Driven Entrepreneur, Faith and Work Movement, and other organizations including faith-based employee resource groups, Faith & Work Journey is designed to equip and empower Christ-following businesspeople to steward faithfully their professional vocations.