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05.07.24 – Last Call: Celebrate with Us This Friday; Wisdom from Andy Crouch; Follow FWT

04.02.24 – Last Call for Gospel of Work; In-Person Spring Event; & F&WJ Transition to FWT

03.05.24 – Join The Next Gospel Of Work Small Group; Faithful Leadership In A Polarized Age; New Books On Faith & Work

02.06.24 – The Bay Area Center is hiring an Operations Director, Master’s Journey Capstone Projects.

01.09.24 – Elevate Your New Year with a Small Group; Humility in the Age of Self-Promotion; and a John Comer Event!

12.05.23 – Advent resource; Giving Tuesday extension; Women, Work & Calling Bookclub

11.07.23 – F&WJ: An Athlete’s Reflections, an Upcoming Dinner Invitation & Your Chance to Support the F&WJ Mission

10.3.23 — Reflections from the Opening Retreat, The Gospel, and What Does Faith AND Work Really Mean?

09.10.23 — Meet The Master’s Journey 2023 Participants, Learn about the Bay Area Center for Faith, Work & Tech

08.16.23 — Bring Your Whole Self To Work; Join Our Prayer Call; Working As a Renewer, & More

07.10.23 — How You Can Learn to Navigate Moral Challenges at Work

06.13.23 —  The Master’s Journey Schedule, Video Testimonies & Other Info; 3 Ways to Sabbath; & More!

05.30.23 — Applications For The Master’s Journey Are Now Open!

05.09.23 — Last Call for F&WJ Happy Hour, Getting Real Rest, F&WJ Job Opportunity & More

04.11.23 — A Note From Our Director, F&WJ is Hiring, and Happy Hour in May!

03.14.23 — Conversations in the Vineyard Registration Open & Space is Limited, Technology and God’s Goodness & more!

02.14.23 — February Community Prayer Call; Reflection on God’s Presence at Work; Master’s Journey

01.10.23 — January Community Prayer Call; Six Week Small Groups; Courage in Faith and Work; Faith as DE&I Effort & more

12.27.22 — Year end review; Fuller/Advent contributions; TBC

12.06.22 — F&WJ – Thank You; Announcement from Denise; Welcome New Administrator; Meek Doesn’t Mean Weak; & More

11.28.22 — Giving Tuesday Tomorrow; Christmas Party On Saturday; Praying For You; Advent Resources; & More

11.07.22 — Christmas Party Registration Now Open; Giving Tuesday Campaign; My California Faith & Work Journey; Upcoming Events

10.20.22 — Save the Date: Joy to the San Francisco Bay Area; Pitch Night; We’re Hiring

10.04.22 — From Juggling To Stewardship; If The Silverware Matters; Intertwining Work And Community

09.14.22 — Learning God’s Work In My Work; Presence of God At Work Workshop This Saturday; New Website

08.23.22 — How To Live Your Faith Authentically; Practicing The Presence Of God At Work; What We Need from Pastors

08.02.22 — Gospel of Work; Coming Out Of The Christian Closet; New Board Member

06.28.22 — Six-Week Small Groups; Summer Book Reads; Connect with Us

05.31.22 — Take Our Survey & Enter To Win $100 Gift Card; Professional + Christian?!; Andy Crouch Event Recording

05.19.22 — Debunking The Work-Life Balance Myth; Webinar This Thursday; No More FOMO

04.19.22 — Return to Office Resources; Info Calls for Upcoming Programs; Andy Crouch Follow-Up

03.29.22 — Last Change To Register For Andy Crouch Event; Volunteers Still Needed; Faith & Work On The Social Agenda; Upcoming Events

03.10.22 — Register For An Evening With Andy Crouch; More On Mentorship

02.08.22 — Apply Now For Premiere Experience; New Article On Work And Identity; Announcing Andy Crouch Event

01.25.22 — Mentorship Forum on Monday; Premiere Experience Coming Soon; Volunteer & Support Opportunities 

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Faith & Work Journey is about faith and work integration. We offer spiritual formation and professional development experiences that help Christian professionals cultivate a vital integration of their faith and work. We are a faith-based non-profit Christian ministry. We offer opportunities to learn how to integrate faith & work, what is the relationship between God & work, how to work as a Christian even if you don't work in a Christian workplace, what is the biblical view on employment, what are biblical principles for career success, how to make Christian career decisions, how to approach evangelism in the workplace in a way that honors God and respects your co-workers, and more. Inspired by Redeemer Church's Center for Faith and Work, Gotham Fellowship, Faith Driven Entrepreneur, Faith and Work Movement, and other organizations including faith-based employee resource groups, Faith & Work Journey is designed to equip and empower Christ-following businesspeople to steward faithfully their professional vocations.