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by Denise Lee Yohn; F&WJ Founder/Director

Explore the profound intersection of faith and social media promotion. Discover how embracing humility, love, and a God-honoring approach can transform self-promotion into a meaningful endeavor. Navigate the challenges of online visibility with purpose, drawing inspiration from the timeless teachings of Jesus. Uncover the keys to promoting yourself, your brand, or your business while staying true to a higher calling. Join the conversation on leveraging social media for positive impact and embodying Christ-like values in the digital age.

by Denise Lee Yohn; F&WJ Founder/Director

In a season often marked by stress and turmoil, this article explores the deeper meaning of peace—beyond mere calm or tranquility. Drawing from a biblical perspective, it introduces the concept of “shalom,” a profound sense of wholeness and completeness. Examining the facets of reconciliation with God, connectedness with others, a flourishing creation, and achieving wholeness of self, the article emphasizes how embracing shalom can bring true peace amid the challenges of the Christmas season and beyond. It encourages a shift in focus towards the Prince of Peace during the Advent season.

by Melinda Allen; F&WJ Alumni & Former Experience Operations Manager

Reflections from a Faith and Work Journey Alumni on how she has been granted the opportunity to help athletes integrate their faith and work and have a chance to bring glory to God in their work.

by Gabriela Yareliz on Modern

Denise, in the article, discusses her journey from facing discrimination as one of the few Asian Americans in her school to finding her identity as a beloved child of God after becoming a Christian. She emphasizes learning to derive her sense of worth from God, not others, and the importance of authenticity in relationships. Denise is both a professional keynote speaker on brand leadership and the Founder/Director of Faith & Work Journey, which helps Christian professionals integrate faith and work. Her relationship with Jesus has given her purpose, power, and peace, motivating her to share the gospel of work and encourage ambitious pursuits aligned with God’s goals and Kingdom.

by Denise Lee Yohn; F&WJ Founder/Director

If you’re going to bring your whole self to work, that should include your faith. 

Mike Robbins, author of Bring Your Whole Self to Work, says that bringing your whole self means being able “to fully show up” and “allow ourselves to be truly seen” in the workplace. As Christians, our faith is core to our identity – so we can’t really show up and allow ourselves to be seen if we don’t bring our faith to work.
That doesn’t mean we have to go around loudly announcing that we are Christians. Nor do we need to obsess over sharing our faith with our colleagues. But bringing our faith to work does mean being honest and authentic about our beliefs and making our identity as Christians clear when opportunities arise.

by Jake Chacko and JuneAn Lanigan; F&WJ Board Members

Wait, what?! Yes, we will be working on the other side of life on this planet, and we will continue to work when the new heaven and earth are created. In fact, we may be part of the construction project! Our work matters into eternity.  This is good news — and it’s one of the key topics we will explore in the upcoming Master’s Journey.

by Lean (Burns) Park; F&WJ Alum

Daniel Chia, F&WJ Premier Experience alum shared, “I spend so much time at work, and I always wanted to understand the connection between work, life, and faith,” he said. “Serving at church felt like God’s work, but everything else was a question mark.”   Chia  shared that the content of the experience “is an important message that more people could benefit from hearing, especially if you are wondering how to connect what you do everyday to the broader mission of what God wants you to be doing.” 

by JuneAn Lanigan; F&WJ Alum

I am a child of God – full stop. I am also the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a solar tech company. By most measures, I have had a successful career, and like many of you, I have attributed success to my hard work, creative and innovative mind, and experienced leadership style. Through the Faith & Work Journey (F&WJ) Premier Experience (now Master’s Journey), I came to realize that my success, as well as failures (aka life lessons), can only be attributed to my maker.

by Leah Burns Park; F&WJ Alum

Tang participated in both the Menlo Lab and the F&WJ Premier Experience in 2022. She was drawn to the program because of her desire to be more faith-oriented at work and navigate work-life balance. She shared: “The program really grounded me in thinking about, ‘What kind of leader is Jesus Christ?’ ‘How do I set an example in leading?’”

by Denise Lee Yohn; F&WJ Founder/Director

The concept of calling is so prevalent in today’s passage, it has stopped me in my tracks. It helps me see that not only am I called — which suggests that Someone else is in charge — but moreover, I am called to be holy and to belong to Christ.

by Wesley Tran; F&WJ Alum

The biggest takeaway from the F&WJ is there are many ways to honor God through our work.

by Leah (Burns) Park; F&WJ Alum

Sometimes God’s will doesn’t necessarily mean going to something else, but it could also mean staying and growing for longer than we planned.

by Rachel (Cleak) Wright; F&WJ Alum

From feeling as if my soul was being sucked dry by work to trusting God daily with my work and praying that He will use it to bring renewal to San Francisco and that He will continue to sanctify me through it.

by Denise Lee Yohn; F&WJ Founder/Director

Living out our authentic selves at work can be one of the greatest blessings to God, to the people we work with, and to us.

by Denise Lee Yohn; F&WJ Founder/Director

God has wired us to be a Christ-followers and professionals—and by seeking him and his ways first, we can do both well.

by Denise Lee Yohn; F&WJ Founder/Director

Instead of balance, let’s pursue centeredness.

by Denise Lee Yohn; F&WJ Founder/Director

The current workforce trends reflect not a crisis of mental health or workers’ rights or fair wages – it’s a crisis of identity. Too many people have been looking too much to their work to give them their identity.

by Jake Chacko; F&WJ Board Member

Work has both instrumental and inherent value and we should look at both dimensions of value.

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