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by JuneAn Lanigan; F&WJ Alum and Board Member

I am a child of God – full stop. I am also the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a solar tech company. By most measures, I have had a successful career, and like many of you, I have attributed success to my hard work, creative and innovative mind, and experienced leadership style. Through the Faith & Work Journey (F&WJ) Premier Experience (now Master’s Journey), I came to realize that my success, as well as failures (aka life lessons), can only be attributed to my maker.

F&WJ Interview with Demy Tang:
Courage in Faith and Work

by Leah Burns Park; F&WJ Alum and Volunteer

Tang participated in both the Menlo Lab and the F&WJ Premier Experience in 2022. She was
drawn to the program because of her desire to be more faith-oriented at work and navigate
work-life balance. She shared: “The program really grounded me in thinking about, ‘What
kind of leader is Jesus Christ?’ ‘How do I set an example in leading?’”

by Denise Lee Yohn

The concept of calling is so prevalent in today’s passage, it has stopped me in my tracks. It helps me see that not only am I called — which suggests that Someone else is in charge — but moreover, I am called to be holy and to belong to Christ.

by Leah (Burns) Park

Sometimes God’s will doesn’t necessarily mean going to something else, but it could also mean staying and growing for longer than we planned.

by Rachel (Cleak) Wright

From feeling as if my soul was being sucked dry by work to trusting God daily with my work and praying that He will use it to bring renewal to San Francisco and that He will continue to sanctify me through it.

by Denise Lee Yohn

Living out our authentic selves at work can be one of the greatest blessings to God, to the people we work with, and to us.

by Denise Lee Yohn

God has wired us to be a Christ-followers and professionals—and by seeking him and his ways first, we can do both well.

by Denise Lee Yohn

Instead of balance, let’s pursue centeredness.

by Denise Lee Yohn

The current workforce trends reflect not a crisis of mental health or workers’ rights or fair wages – it’s a crisis of identity. Too many people have been looking too much to their work to give them their identity.

by Jake Chacko

Work has both instrumental and inherent value and we should look at both dimensions of value.

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